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Introducing… TRACEY LAING: Practice Nurse at Tuakau Health Centre.

Tracey has worked in a number of nursing fields including maternity, assessment and rehabilitation, chronic care management and respiratory, family health as well as being both a ward and practice nurse. She’s worked rurally for most of her career – probably because she grew up rurally before marrying a dairy farmer – but says that despite this the biggest misconception around working rurally is that the health professionals all come from farming backgrounds!

Tracey explained how every day at work is extremely varied. She’ll often find herself doing dressings, immunisations, phlebotomy, spirometry and peak flow testing, CVD assessments and educating patients. As a rural nurse she also has the opportunity to assist doctors with biopsies and excision, injections, triage and emergency care, referrals and discussing individualised care for patients with their doctor.

She says her favourite thing about working rurally is getting to know the patient and their family as a whole and thereby gaining their respect and trust – something she found extremely difficult in larger hospitals. Also, “getting to know the community helps with getting to know the patient”.

On top of this, Tracey says living and working rurally means you have the opportunity to find yourself a real man to fall in love with ;). When she’s not working in the health centre she’s on the farm assisting Ross with milking, calving cattle, riding and racing motorbikes and even horses.

Tracey, you’re a true Human of Rural Health.